UNAVAILABLE Robert Scott Duncanson 1821 – 1972

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Born in 1821, into a home of house painters and carpenters, Robert Scott Duncanson wanted more than just continuing the family trade. After being commissioned by a minister to paint Cliff Mine, Lake Superior, Duncanson began his career as a “master” landscape painter. Duncanson rose to prominence during his time in Cincinnati, befriending contemporaries Thomas Worthington Whittridge and William Sonntag. At the break of the Civil War, Duncanson expatriated in 1863 to Canada and then Europe, only to return to Cincinnati in 1866.

The catalog Landscape, 1870 presents a close look at Duncanson’s essential, Landscape, completed upon his return to Cincinnati. Inspired by his Canadian and European expedition, Landscape is a culmination of Duncanson’s refined technique and a testimony to his title of “master” painter.

In 15 pages with 12 full-color reproductions, complete with a full, 2-page, fold-out, color representation of the esteemed painting, Landscape, 1870 provides an analysis behind its subject matter and composition. Along with a detailed biography of the preeminent painter, Landscape, 1870 is a must-have in your collection.


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